Transform Your Portraits to 3D Anime Dolls or Cartoons in Photoshop

A Step by Step Guide to Create Doll-Like Face or Portrait in Photoshop! Learn advanced Liquify techniques combined with skin, hair and eye retouching especially for achieving the Cartoon or Anime look.
We will start off by getting the structure right. For this we will learn how to stack layers of Liquify to accurate set the mold for our portrait. Then, we will learn techniques to soften the skin and take away the reality from the image, thus giving it a 3D cartoon look. After that, we will specifically focus on skin, hair, and eye techniques to breathe life in your character. Last but not the least, to make the portrait really shine and add depth, we will use dodging and burning.
Whether you are creating a caricature or simply a cartoon versions of your image, this technique will work for you. We have got a lot to cover in this video. Hope this helps you!
1. Sample Image:
2. 2 Versions of Finished PSDs: (Only for our Patreon Family)
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