The Complete Naruto Series Timeline Explained

A Complete Naruto Timeline Breakdown
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Do you want to break into Naruto but you just don’t know how? The famous ninja series is one of the best anime out there, but it’s also one of the longest. The first two anime both consisted of hundreds of episodes. (Even Boruto is over 130 episodes already. Though no one cares as much about that one. You just can’t live up to your dad, kiddo.) While many fans might have enough time to dedicate that many hours to getting caught up with a classic anime, not everyone is ready for that kind of commitment. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.
Here we’ll cover all the Naruto information you need. That includes all the basic definitions like the hidden ninja villages, the history of the ninja world and what jutsu and chakra are. We’ll also introduce you to all of the classic characters like Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Itachi and of course, Naruto himself. Not to mention all of the secret bosses behind the villainous Akatsuki organization.
Then we’ll sum up each and every arc running through both Naruto and its first spin-off Naruto Shippuden. That includes the formation of team 7, the Chunin exams, the war with the Akatsuki and all the Sasuke family drama that you could ever want.
While nothing could possibly compete with watching through one of the best anime of all time, hopefully, this is the next best thing. So let’s jump headfirst into the ninja world and explore the entire timeline of the Naruto series!
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