Street Fighter IV: The Full Story ~ After the Tournament

1,256,792 views • Sep 13, 2014 • Hi, everyone. This is a video I put together with all the anime cutscenes from Street Fighter IV, including Super and Ultra.
One of the things I didn’t like about SF IV’s story was how disjointed the narrative was, and, to be blunt, how half-assed it was told in some areas. Granted, they stepped up their game, for the most part (The Ties That Bind and the Juri OVA ARE canon, believe it or not), but still, there’s a lot of room for improvement.
So, I decided to take the liberty of ordering the scenes in a way that should make sense. I also did some fancy editing and effects in a few spots to add to that.
I’m hoping this helps you make a little more sense out of Arcade Mode.
Here is Part 1:
This second video covers the events during the fall of Seth and S.I.N., as well as what happened after the tournament. I want to combine the two videos into one, but first, I want to know what you think. Does it make sense? Are there any changes I need to make? Feel free to tell me, but please be respectful.
Street Fighter is owned by Capcom.
This is the link to my fighting game group, Suzaku Castle: (I lost the Warrior’s Dojo, don’t ask)
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