Pretend To Be Suna’s Girlfriend | Mr. Boyfriend? Suna x Y/N | Haikyuu Texts Pt. 1

Suna Rintarou x Y/N | Haikyuu Stories Pt. 1
hii here we are with my second haikyuu stories 🤩
you just moved and some guy following u. kuroo, ur old friend, gave u an advice to approach the black leather jacket man 😌
also this video is requested by @• Odd sisters •
(sorry i forgot to put it on the vid 😖 but love u anyway)
and i hope u love itt and made ur day 🤍
lots of lovee !!
stay safe and be happyy okay? see uuuu 👋🏻
[ fluff haikyuu stories x y/n ]
suna fanart on the thumbnail credit to:

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