Oblivious ~English Lyrics

With this I can finally say that I’m a TM channel, and not only a Fate one. Feels nice. I really wanted to do a non-Fate song for once (I actually wanted to do a non-TM song because I’m in love with Tales of Berseria’s opening, but the TMfag inside me said that I shouldn’t do that).
I bet that when I said that this video would be a non-Fate one most of you thought about this. I still haven’t read Mahoyo, so I don’t know aything about it, not even if it has or not any vocal songs and Tsukihime doesn’t have that many songs, so this was the best choice imo.
Song: Oblivious
Artist: Kalafina
Kara no Kyoukai Movie 1: Overlooking View (Fukan Fūkei) Ending full
With lyrics in English and Romaji

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