Makoto Shinkai Style Tutorial – Easily Make Anime Photos

Makoto Shinkai Style tutorial for some pretty easy Anime editing tutorial using Adobe Lightroom and a photo editor of your choice such as Photoshop, or Clip Studio Paint, Medibang Paint, Paintool SAI etc. I will show you how to create a Makoto Shinkai anime style using a photo. You can decide to make your own anime style wallpapers or photos using this technique easily!
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In this tutorial I will go in depth for how to create an anime style photograph using an editor of your choice. You can use something like Adobe Photoshop, Paintool SAI, Medibang Paint, Clip studio Paint. Etc. The point is you can do this with pretty much any modern editor.
The anime painting process is actually quite simple, the only problem is that it takes many hours. Even in this video I tried to make it as short as possible but it is almost 30 minutes.
So please enjoy this Makoto Shinkai style tutorial from a photograph and be sure to share with others!
Please be sure to show me the anime style art you can create!
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