Kara no Kyoukai – Kizuato “Scar”

Haven’t watched Kara no Kyoukai yet? What’s your excuse?
This is the song “Scar”, as sung by Kalafina. (Lead vocal : Maya Wakana, others : Wakana, Keiko, Hikaru)
This is the ending song to the third Kara no Kyoukai movie.
The subtitles are slightly modified from : http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/rakk
I do not own the song, it is owned by Sony Music Japan, so it will presumably be removed someday.
Lyrics :
Starting out from the emptiness,
towards scenery of love that I cannot see yet
Lets cross the night that so believes
in this pain.
in the chest that you touched, there lies a single, kind scar
and the tears that I hid are over spilling in crimson
The petals above this cold body that finally lit up
I am right here — singing about happiness.
The dream has already ended
and even the stardust has begun to disappear.
Hey, please hug me as much as you understand and are alive.
Born from the emptiness,
While not knowing anything about warmth
let us cross the night that only wants to be
delivered into our lives.
This dearly missed summer rain
See me off alright?
While crying, it seems like we can
slowly begin understanding each other.
I desire for happiness and sadness,
to be deeply engraved.
Here I am with you
in the remnants of our blessings.
The time when the stardust disappears is
In the midst of the light that we first see.
With those eyes and those kisses,
please give me proof of our love.
I’m on the verge of tears for having to live through this.
Starting out from the emptiness,
lets proceed towards the faraway daybreak that we have yet to witness
Let us cross this night that only wishes
to fulfill our wishes.

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