Dragon Ball Z Entire Series Explained

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It looks like it will be a while until Dragon Ball Super comes back to the small screen or the big screen. While the manga has been going strong, the anime seems to be on hold indefinitely. While this is a sad fact of life for Dragon Ball fans, we know that one day it will continue to adapt manga arcs like the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga and the new one that has just started, Granola the Survivor Saga. While we wait, now is the PERFECT time to go back over some of the best days in the franchise’s history, the days of Dragon Ball Z. We’ll cover the entire epic series as we cover the Saiyan saga to the final showdown with Majin Buu.
Be reminded of some of the greatest battles between Goku and Raditz, Goku and Vegeta, Goku and Frieza and of course, Goku and Majin Buu. We’ll also point out some of the greatest scene stealing moments like Future Trunks’ big intro and Gohan’s world-saving blast. We’ll also cover some of the dark times of the series. Moments where it looked like the Androids might actually do a Terminator and destroy the world. That or when Frieza had all of our heroes on the ropes until Goku decided to make his big entrance. He does like to make a dramatic entrance.
So let’s jump right into Dragon Ball Z as we recount the best days from the second series.

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