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Diamond no Ace Original Soundtrack
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ST list :
00:00 Close game
01:13 Shooting star of field
02:36 Barking wolves
04:16 Last possible moment
05:27 Survive!
06:50 Voice of the Heart
08:09 Field Flowers
10:06 Wings of Hope
11:25 Shock of Battle
12:36 Silent Impact
13:27 Stay Hungry
14:38 Grow Stronger Step by Step
15:59 Grow stronger day by day -Theme of Sawamura-
17:50 Windy zone -Theme of Furuya-
19:47 One day at a time
21:25 Up to me
23:11 Speed maniac
24:22 Exceed the limit!
25:36 Go for Victory!
27:29 Endless firmament
29:20 Afterglow
31:51 The sky at daybreak
33:28 Humming road
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