Candy Store (Cross Ange)

I think this is one of those videos where it pretty much only appeals to me, haha. I mean, I can’t imagine the group of people that likes both Heathers and Cross Ange is all that large.
Well, I guess that’s oversimplifying my feelings on them a bit. I liked Heathers: the Musical, but it also made me feel more depressed than I think it was going for because high school sucks and all that. Songs were great, though!
As for Cross Ange, it was trashy fun, and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. But OH BOY those first few episodes were rough. Not an easy show to recommend. If you happen to have the exact same tastes as me, then give it a try I guess!
Anyway, I had a ton of fun making this video! It actually started as procrastination for another video, but then I spent more time on it than probably necessary. Lip sync is tough.
Anime: Cross Ange
Song: Candy Store
Source: Heathers: The Musical
Program: Vegas Pro 14.0

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