Barakamon Anime Funny Moments

This video consists Barakamon Anime Funny Moments, it is a mixture of slice of life with plenty of comedy. I personally enjoyed watching Barakamon anime and it really helps with lightening up the mood because it has a lot of funny moments.
My channel focuses on creating compilation of the funny moments in anime. This gives me the opportunity to find new animes as well as making you laugh. I have seen many anime series over the course of this global pandemic and I have to admit that I became an anime addict. It would be wonderful if you can support this channel, I am trying my best to involve more of my personality/style into the videos but I don’t want to take away of the authenticity of the anime scenes. If you see something you don’t like or want me to improve then please comment below.
You can support the creators of the anime by watching the anime series legally on platforms such as Crunchyroll or Funimation.
Have any suggestions for topics of the videos? Drop them down below in the comment section!
Intro and Outro;
Music: RISE OF A KING – Amal Raj – Music
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